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21 Mar

The dog’s owner was found!!  Which is fabulous for this household… I didn’t realize how much this was starting to stress me out until I got the call. 

The new plan is to bond the bunny.  She was a rescue bunny, and wasn’t properly socialized.  A well socialized rabbit will behave a lot like a dog.  Our bunny is standoffish and only recently allowed us to pet her while she’s outside of her cage.  She has come a long way in the three years we’ve owned her, but it’s been rough.  They say that when a rabbit is bonded, it is happier, more friendly and gets into less trouble.  I’ve also read that two are easier than one lone rabbit… that we will have to see about. 

In other news, our lease is up at the end of April, so the talk about whether or not we will move is on the table.  Where we are now, there is a lot of space, a great layout, and a great neighborhood.  But it’s got its issues too.  


The Beginning of Housewifery Misadventures

19 Mar

I have been a housewife for a grand total of 18 days.  The first week I spent most of it sick, but damn it if the house wasn’t presentable, the laundry done, and the majority of clutter removed from the guest bedroom by Friday.  I even worked out a little schedule that lists daily chores, weekly chores by day, monthly and quarterly chores to boot.


The second week I very nearly followed that list, getting most of the items checked off and feeling pretty good about it.  It was a damn busy week too.  I met with 4 different friends, popped up to Maine to visit my grandfather, and hosted dinner twice.

This week, I wanted to go strong again.  But, I had a dentist appointment that was supposed to be a cleaning that turned into the start of a root canal.  But while battling the pain and refusing Vicodin (because vomit), I still managed to host another dinner with help from the Hubs. Tomorrow the root canal and crown go in, so today I scrubbed down the bathroom, but I’m not sure I’ll be getting too much other stuff done.  I’ve been researching how terriers and rabbits get along (yuk yuk yuk) because some friends of friends found a lost terrier roaming the streets of Watertown.

Fun fact about terriers: they are bred to hunt rabbits.  I have a rabbit.  For kicks, I’m going to try to behavior modification therapy on a dog to train it to not bother my rabbit.

Yorkshire-terrier-puppy-toy-rabbit om nom nom nom

The dog is a really sweet guy, but oh boy did he get excited to see the bunny.  Bunny was not as pleased to see him.  Her heart rate was up, but she quickly figured out that the dog couldn’t reach her in the mansion.  She also came downstairs (her mansion is two stories) and nose-to-nosed the dog three separate times, but ran away each time.  The dog eventually stopped spazing near her cage, but still kept his little eye on her every time she moved.

The guys who found him can’t keep him.  They’ve called the lost and found dog hotline, posted an ad on craigslist, and they are keeping a look out for missing dog posters in their neighborhood.  This is probably going to be more like a foster situation, and if it really becomes impossible, then the MSPCA will have another dog on their hands.  I want to help, the sucker that I am, but my previous pets have to come first.

Speaking of previous pets, there is the cat to worry about too, but we have a lot of experience with getting her acclimated to new animals.  In that situation, we fear harm to the DOG.  She goes from sweetest cat in the world, to a murderous looney in one sniff of dog dander.  She goes for the eyes… it’s scary.  “Kitty Exile” has worked for us in the past, and she eventually gets used to the dogs that come around here often.


We’re just shaking things up.


March Madness?

14 Mar

I visited my grandfather yesterday, and they were really hoping I had news for them.  I didn’t, but this month I wasn’t too sad about it.

The Hubs and I have been battling colds, sore throats, and the deadly flu since I’ve been off the pill.  I nearly cried when my iPhone announced two weeks ago that I was entering my fertile window and my throat was so sore that I couldn’t talk.  At least, until I had an epiphany.

What was this revelation?  It’s March, and that would mean a December baby.  The Hubs is a December baby, and it royally sucked for him.  Granted, as an adult, he can get into any restaurant in Boston for his birthday without a reservation.  As a kid, though, no friends around to celebrate with, no in-school recognition, and presents doubled up as both Xmas and birthday.  Not that we want to raise a materialistic child, and I’ve planned enough toddler birthday parties to know how much stress that is, but I still don’t want to rock the December baby.  Especially since I hate Christmas with a passion.  As soon as my birthday around Thanksgiving comes, I start to get anxiety that doesn’t end until the new year.  The last thing I want is to be 38 weeks pregnant, or with a newborn and still be expected to shop, travel, and pretend to be happy that it’s Christmas.

It might be fine to take the next couple months off of the rigorous trying and move into “not preventing.”  A birthday that has weather warm enough that an outdoor party is a real possibility is a beautiful thing.  Removing the scheduled baby-making-sex might relax us a little too!


Then again, it is day 31 of my cycle and I have yet to see Aunt Flo…