21 Mar

The dog’s owner was found!!  Which is fabulous for this household… I didn’t realize how much this was starting to stress me out until I got the call. 

The new plan is to bond the bunny.  She was a rescue bunny, and wasn’t properly socialized.  A well socialized rabbit will behave a lot like a dog.  Our bunny is standoffish and only recently allowed us to pet her while she’s outside of her cage.  She has come a long way in the three years we’ve owned her, but it’s been rough.  They say that when a rabbit is bonded, it is happier, more friendly and gets into less trouble.  I’ve also read that two are easier than one lone rabbit… that we will have to see about. 

In other news, our lease is up at the end of April, so the talk about whether or not we will move is on the table.  Where we are now, there is a lot of space, a great layout, and a great neighborhood.  But it’s got its issues too.  


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