The Beginning

18 Jun

That lovely OB/GYN was more than just a nice lady who scolded me.  She was also a nice lady who took my infertility concerns seriously.  She didn’t tell me that I needed to wait for a ridiculous amount of time to START tests to see what was going on in the conception field.  She told me to schedule a hysterosalpingogram as soon as I got my period.  This is a test where they put dye inside and give you an ultrasound to see what’s going on inside the uterine cavity.   This test is done the third day of the period.  So I went home to wait. 

And wait.  I hit day 34 of my cycle (my longest cycle since coming off BC so far had been 33 days).  But I felt WONDERFUL.  I wasn’t sick, no headache, no fatigue.  If anything I felt happy.  I chalked it up to the working out everyday and how focused I was on my section one test in martial arts. But I also thought that since I still had 15 pregnancy test strips I would take one… even though it was noon and I wasn’t using morning urine.

I tested, laid the strip flat, then went to change over the laundry in the basement.  I returned and lo and behold! TWO lines on my HCG test.  I texted my friend, ran to the grocery store at her recommendation, BUT I had class in 15 minutes.  I would have to wait.

What a sight I must have been to the Head Instructor!  My face was red, my hair a mess, and I must have had a stupid shit eating grin on my face.  I can’t remember class very well, but as soon as I was dressed, I booked it out of there, girlfriend on the line, giving her a blow by blow account of unlocking the front door, running up the stairs, and rushing for the bathroom.

I had the tests with two-lines-means-pregnant type and the “pregnant” or “not pregnant” digital type. I did not have to wait the full five minutes for those tests to read exactly what we hoped.  My friend was screaming, I was screaming and crying. Finally!

Later that night, I handed the Hubs the digital test.  “What is this… really!? No, wait… I’m not going to get too excited in case it’s a chemical pregnancy.”  Then he scoops me up and hugs me.  “This is great.  It means we are fertile.”

And he’s right.  If this pregnancy doesn’t stick, it still means that we are capable.  We won’t have to go through a bunch of tests to find out what’s wrong because there is nothing wrong. 

We are 9 weeks 4 days.  The family knows a little earlier than we intended, but everyone seems pretty happy about it. I went in for my first prenatal appointment last week and my OB/GYN greeted me with a huge grin and said “Looks like we just needed to threaten tests to get it done.”


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