How Pregnancy is Like Being Fourteen Again

9 Aug

This journey is one that completely takes over everything: your house, your body and your mind.


Being pregnant is bring back flashes of my life as a teenager.



My body is changing.  A lot.  At least I get a new wardrobe out of it!

I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating… my boobs have grown.  A lot.  And they weren’t exactly small before.

I have acne.  Nothing I can do to stop it, as most treatments are not considered pregnancy safe.  Also, since my makeup is contributing to it, I rock my pimples like badges of… errr… pregnancy.

I’m moody.  And I mean weeping spells over the littlest thing, like that puppy video that I saw on Reddit last month that finally went viral on Facebook. Additionally, there’s rage.  Holy crap the rage!  I refuse to drive an hour before or after rush hour and orange cones make me see red… but since I live in Boston, I can’t go a quarter mile without seeing some (not an exaggeration, btw, for those outside the city).  At least this time around people expect the moodiness and I get a pass (sometimes) unlike how teenagers are just screamed at constantly.


Unlike puberty, I’m finding the unique nature of pregnancy symptoms to be pretty funny.

Pregnancy brain has started.  I’ve driven past my house, walking into the kitchen to turn off a loud timer and forgot why I was in the kitchen (the timer was still going off to boot), went out for a certain item at the store and came back with everything but.  By the time I get a pen out to write down what I shouldn’t forget, it’s already gone.   Maybe I’ll remember this in my old age… or not.

Also my “nesting” has manifested itself in diapers.   I cannot stop buying diapers.  I have a nearly full stash of fluff, I just need 12 prefolds in each size to never have to buy another thing again.  It’s the covers though, they are so cute, and I need more.  I don’t, but I really really do.  I figure I’m going to get a ton of guff (already gotten some) on the whole cloth issue, so I’m really the only one who’s going to buy them.  I won’t get any as gifts, so I might as well keep buying them, right? Right?



Isn’t it cute?


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